Now Available For IS-BAO Audits (All Stages)

Tune-Up Pricing:

IS-BAO Stage 1 SMS Tune-Up
Full IS-BAO Tune-Up
IS-BAO Stage 2
SMS Tune-Up
Full IS-BAO Tune-Up
IS-BAO Stage 3 SMS Tune-Up
Full IS-BAO Tune-Up

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Efficient: By using the Internet, the initial review of your documents and records will be accomplished remotely while you spend your time productively at work.

Convenient: There will be no interruptions to your work schedule caused by on-site visits. Instead, on-line meetings will be scheduled to accomodate your work schedule.

Understandable: The review and consultation will be conducted in your own language, with a focus on simplicity and productivity. You will understand all of the standards, and will be presented with several acceptable options for conformity.

Productive: The entire review and consultation will focus on the specifics of your operation. All solutions offered will be appropriate to the scale and scope of your operation, as well as to your management style and goals.

Affordable: A "Flat-Rate" price allows you to efficiently budget for this service, and gives you the benefits of a professional review without the additional travel expenses.

Guaranteed: You will be offered customized solutions that will result in subsequent audits that have no non-conformities or findings. If an auditor disagrees with our solutions, we will work with you, at no extra charge, to resolve any non-conformities or findings.

NOTE: The "Full IS-BAO Tune-Up" will be conducted in association with an accredited and experienced IS-BAO Maintenance Auditor. The price quoted includes this review, but the Miantenance Auditor will bill you separately.

Customized Consultations Also Available

• Let me know what you need and I will provide you with a customized quote.

All payments through PayPal invoicing.

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Take advantage of the experience and skills of an international pilot, manager, certification specialist, and auditor who will consult with you in your own language. My specialties include regulatory compliance, international operations, electronic manuals, commercial operator certification, Safety Management Systems, Fatigue Management Systems, and conformity to various Standards.