Now Available For IS-BAO Audits (All Stages)

Let an experienced Business Aviation Pilot, Manager, and Auditor help you
understand and implement your SMS / IS-BAO in a way that is practical,
productive, and in your own language.

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The-Development and Services Hub, LLC (“THE-DASH, LLC”)

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Time and Money: The time and money that you have available for the continuing improvement of your SMS and your IS-BAO conformity can now be focused on the specifics of your operation and your customized approach to safety and conformity. Instead of squeezing this process into an on-site visit, together we can decompress this experience by using the internet to review your manuals and documents, expore your data-base and supporting records, and make suggestions that will work for you. On-line meetings that work with your schedule, and a flate-rate fee, make it easy for you to use this service to prepare for an upcoming audit, or to keep things on track during the years that you are not being audited.
Specific to Your Needs: As an active auditor, I regularly perform and submit IS-BAO, ARG/US AAS, ACSF, BARS, and other audits for review. This gives me a current familiarity with how other operators are advancing their SMS and conformity, as well as an ongoing understanding of how the Standards themselves are changing in focus and interpretation. When I conduct audits, however, I cannot offer specific and detailed suggestions for improvements in documentation and procedures. The service described here takes advantage of my experience to offer you precisely this kind of specific and detailed advice.
Simple and Focused: You will not be surpised to learn that, as an auditor, I often find that operators are confused by the language used to describe and evaluate the workings of a Safety Management System. I have developed a clear and simple explanation of how the principles of Quality Management apply to the SMS, especially to Hazard Identification and the Management of Risk, and how your Safety Risk Profile integrates with your ongoing Risk Management. Other auditors who have seen this explanation describe the results as "turning the lights on". Let me apply this simplicity and focus to your SMS and IS-BAO conformity. When your SMS makes more sense to you, you will find the entire process to be much more interesting and rewarding.
Customized Consultation: Althought the specific product that I am offering here is the "Flat-Rate Tune-Up", I am also available for consultation on any special projects that you may propose. Please let me know how my experience as a pilot, manager, and certification specialist can be of value to your operation.
IS-BAO AUDITS: Now available for IS-BAO Audits (All Stages).